ABC News/Fusion Poll Illustrates Deep Divisions in the US

Conservatives are aware there are major divisions in the US. Of course there are divisions and we all know it has gotten much worse in the last 5 years. While we all have ideas about just how divided people are – we didn’t have specific examples. Now we do. A new ABC/Fusion poll shows how Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Republicans, Conservative Republicans, Women, Men, Whites and Non-Whites – feel on a wide range of questions.

There are some obvious differences, but notice how liberal democrats are more extreme than the people who are directly impacted – such as women, or various ethnic groups. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Here are the poll’s findings. The percentages indicate those who agree with various statements.

1. Women have fewer opportunities than men in the workplace:

  • 68% of Democrats in general; 76% of liberal Dems
  • 38% of Republicans in general; 35% of conservative Repubs
  • 63% of women; 43% of men

2. Nonwhites have fewer opportunities than whites in society:

  • 56% of Dems; 62% of liberal Dems
  • 25% of Repubs.
  • Interestingly, more partisan Democrats (62%) hold this belief than nonwhites themselves (51%)!

3. It would be a good thing if more women were elected to Congress:

  • 60% of Dems
  • 23% of Repubs and 26% of conservative Repubs say it makes no difference to them if more women were elected to Congress.
  • 49% of women vs. 36% of men
  • 54% of nonwhites; 38% of whites

4. It would be a good thing if more nonwhites were elected to Congress:

  • 50% of liberal Dems
  • 5% of Repubs
  • 29% of nonwhites.

5. I trust the government in Washington to do what’s right:

  • 39% of U.S. adults
  • 62% of Dems; 69% of liberal Dems
  • 25% of Repubs; 18% of conservative Repubs

6. Support for legal status for undocumented immigrants:

  • 77% of liberal Dems; 32% of conservative Repubs
  • 70% of nonwhites; 43% of whites

7. Political leaders should rely somewhat or a great deal on their religious beliefs when making policy decisions:

  • 39% of Dems and Independents; 32% of liberal Dems
  • 60% of Repubs; 65% of conservative Repubs.
  • 74% of evangelical white Protestants; 37% of non-evangelical white Protestants; 16% of Americans who profess no religion.

8. Obamacare:

  • 75% of liberal Democrats support
  • 76% of conservative Republicans oppose

9. People like me are well represented in Congress:

  • 47% of nonwhites; 24% of whites
  • 43% of Dems; 27% of conservatives.

10. Race and partisanship: 

  • 24% of whites and 43% of nonwhites call themselves Democrats
  • 30% of whites and only 10% of nonwhites call themselves Republicans

11. Millennials (age 18 to 31 born from 1982 to 2004) and other age groups. Millenials are:

  • More apt to favor legal status for undocumented immigrants
  • Less religious: less apt than their elders to say politicians should base policy positions on their religious beliefs
  • Less engaged in politics: Only 54% of millennials report that they’re registered to vote vs. 87% among those 32 and older, peaking at 94%for seniors.

The poll concludes that while political divisions aren’t new, partisan and ideological differences of 20, 30, 40 and even 50 points raise challenging questions of how political accommodation can occur in this country.

METHODOLOGY – The ABC News/Fusion poll was conducted by telephone Oct. 17-20, 2013, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,002 adults, includinglandline and cell-phone-only respondents. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points, including design effect.



To read the full report –

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