Fake Followers for Barack Obama

At the same time people are expressing concern about the Obamacare website not being secure – it is reported that the Syrian Electronic Army hacked the @barackobama Twitter account to share a video showing details of terrorist attacks over the last 12+ years.  Then there is another story that his Twitter account was not hacked, but the URL shortening service that was used, was hacked.

Twitter Acct hacked – http://dcclothesline.com/2013/10/28/syrian-electronic-army-hacks-obamas-twitter-account-sends-video-38-million-followers/

URL shortener hacked – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/28/barack-obama-twitter-hacked_n_4170904.html

So with either story – you may think that means it was sent out to the 38 million followers you see on the @barackobama account. Ahhhh – but that’s not true, it likely went out to less than 8 million people. Read on to find out about what was sent and the details about the fake Twitter followers on Barack Obama’s Twitter account. That answers many questions about how he “got” so many followers so quickly – well now we know how some of those campaign contributions were spent…. creating phony social media accounts to connect to candidate Obama’s social media accounts. I wonder how many fake followers he has on Facebook…..


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