Special Operations Speaks Open Letter to CNN

Maybe things are happening too fast for the media to keep up – they “missed” the patriot bikers who traveled DC, they “missed” the truckers who came to DC, and they misinterpreted and/or “missed” the veterans who came to DC. Its time for the media to lift up their heads – stop reading the pre-approved spin from the White House and start honestly reporting on what is happening…

Sadly the administration chose to ignore the message of the Million Vet March – illustrated by the laughable barricades they put up, the riot police that were called out and reportedly hit peaceful protesters and had snipers in place. Contrary to the current atmosphere among many on the left (not all but many as we have seen through the mouths of politicians) have shown they are willing to lash out at anyone who disagrees.

But anyone who is honest in their reporting – should admit there was no violence among the Million Vets March participant AND from reports I’ve heard, the vets reminded people to keep it peaceful. This is in stark contrast to the immigration rally the park service approved – where 8 Congressmen were arrested. Hmmm, where were the sniper during that event….

The media needs to start getting it right – this was not a tea party event —– the media just continues to prove how out of touch and how irrelevant they are….

Open Letter To CNN from Special Operations Speaks ~

Dear CNN,

The Million Vet March on the World War II Memorial was among the largest, most compelling, inspiring and inventive acts of civil disobedience in American history…and you knew it and blew it.

You knew it because your reporter Shannon Travis, a very cordial gentleman who was wearing a stylish purple tie was present at the rally. He told Special Operations Speaks before an interview that he loved the passion of the rally. Mr. Travis undoubtedly observed the make up of the attendees of the crowd as 80-90% veterans and 10-20% veteran supporters.

In your feeble and failed attempt to mute the national enthusiasm for the Vet March you reported the event as a “tea party like rally”.

Not speaking for all veterans, Special Operations Speaks embraces and admires the Tea Party’s support for our nations veterans and points out that not one occupy, amnesty, union, Democratic or liberal organization showed up to stand with the Vets…just the tea party.

If your editors must label this group, we insist that you label us “Vet Marchers”.

Labeling the Million Vet March as “tea party like rally” because some tea partiers showed up with “yellow Don’t Tread On Me flags” [btw, someone really ought to inform your writer that they are called Gadsden flags; look it up] doesn’t mean it was a “tea party like rally”.

If one follows that logic, one might state that because some of CNN’s executives, editors and reporters lean so far to the left, that CNN is a ‘Communist-like News Network’. That would not be a fair assessment, would it?

Special Operations Speaks does not mind the ridicule from your network and other left leaning news organizations. We have grown quite accustomed to it and find it amusing. We simply ask that if you ridicule us, you get our name right.

Please in the future call us Vet Marchers or next time we remove the barricades from the war memorials we might bring them to your doorstep.



One thought on “Special Operations Speaks Open Letter to CNN

  1. usawoman says:

    Great post! Love the open letter to CNN. They are leaning farther and farther to the left. For a while they tried to remain central, but they’ve lost that battle.

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