Is This the Beginning of The End?

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Social Media is rampant with warnings about the total collapse of the government and the economy.  Despite warnings that the U.S. dollar will no longer be sustainable, some folks are trying to sell information to help us survive the coming financial Armageddon.  So…how scared should we be?

Most folks don’t realize that the Federal Reserve is not owned by the government, rather is a private financial institution.  Each time the country needs more money, they go to the Federal Reserve and request more money be printed.  The notion that “monopoly money” has been circulating for years certainly provides insight if you look at the big picture.  One of these days, and soon, our creditors are going to want to be paid, and we won’t have the resources. In fact,   several financial experts predict:  “Unemployment will skyrocket, credit will dry up, and worse, the dollar will collapse completely, wiping out all savings and sending consumer prices into the stratosphere.”

What is even scarier is that history shows that when a catastrophe of this magnitude occurs, the country panics, riots break out, and violence ensues. It’s during times like these that the President can declare Martial Law, and according to documentation I researched on the Internet, and I’m not entirely sure I understand what’s true or untrue, during ML, Congress can vote to delay elections, and the President will remain in office until the chaos is deemed to have ended.

Do your own research.  Do we need to prepare for the worst?  All signs point to the fact that the government is well aware of the problem and the Pentagon is a standing ready. I found this on one site which indicates people have suspected the policies of the current administration for the duration of his term:

Late last year BQI published an article called EXTRA: Obama Suspend Civil Liberties. It is by far our most read publication.  The central theme of the article was a hypothetical scenario where, because of a crumbling economy with high unemployment and class envy, civil unrest breaks out in America and President Obama uses the event to impose martial law including suspending the 2012 presidential elections. We published the article because we believed that such a scenario could actually happen in America under the Obama Administration.

We believed then and now that Obama, with his rigid leftist ideology and stated goal of fundamentally transforming America, knows that his policies are causing our economic malaise and that these conditions could easily lead to civil unrest. In fact, we believe the Administration when it says that you should never let a crisis go to waste.  Because of his rigid ideology and past acts we do not put it beyond the Administration to manufacture the crisis in order to complete his transformation.

When this article was first published we knew that many would see it as just another conspiratorial slam against the president. That is understandable. However, without naming the writer and his organization, BQI was told that a very mainstream conservative D.C. organization saw the article and advised us that they too, have discussed the possibility of the Obama Administration doing this very thing.



More relevant sites:

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About mizging

I'm a multi-published author, mother of two grown sons and companion and caretaker to a ten-year-old special needs grandson, Spencer. Besides him, writing is my passion and every release has been a special reason to celebrate, but first and foremost, I'm an American, concerned with the direction our country is taking. My opinions are my own and I'm not asking for agreement, simply that people consider the facts presented by me and my web mates.

3 thoughts on “Is This the Beginning of The End?

  1. I saw this earlier and cannot imagine someone is that stupid or that obvious — not sure which at this point. But there are a lot of people in politics right now who seem to feel they have carte blanche to do and say anything and there will be no repercussions…..

  2. usawoman says:

    I just don’t know what to think right now. The situation is not looking good, and I’ve always thought that Obama has an agenda quite different from the one he pushes in his speeches. It’s still amazing to me that so many people in this country still believe him. Not so much in other countries, I think.

    • I shared a great video from a politician in Ireland — its on the FB page, you should check it out —

      VIDEO: Irish Lawmaker Tears Obama a New One | American Overlook

      Since he was originally running against Hillary in the primaries – I kept saying to listen to what comes out of his mouth when he’s off script and off the teleprompter and to focus on what he DOES – not what he says in his televised speeches to get insights into what he really plans to do.

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