President Obama Has the Authority to Decide What to Close During the Shutdown

Amber Alert Website

If Conservatives could get this statement to resonate with the American people – I think the 2014 election and 2016 would turn against the Democrats in a VERY BIG way.

“Congress holds the purse strings and decides when to release the funds. However, billions come into the government each and other month. The President and his administration make the decision what to pay with that money. Again — the President has control of what is paid and what is not paid.”

Almost nothing Obama does surprises me – but even he must have a conscience about some of the decisions being made by his administrations during the partial government shutdown. But let’s go back to some “old favorites” from the Obama administration….

  • Never let a crisis go to waste — that seems to still be the mantra for this administration.
  • We don’t care how long the shutdown lasts – we’re winning — Even for this administration that is a ridiculously immature statement and it shows NO regard for the well being of the American people.
  • I think it’s fair to say that — during the course of my presidency — I have bent over backwards to work with the Republican Party. And have purposely kept my rhetoric down,” Obama told CNBC. — I just want to know how he keeps a straight face when he says these things.
  • They decided to close –
  • The WWII Memorial – this is an open air memorial, so are they trying to shut down the grass? Then when a group of veterans decided to break through the barriers, more guards were sent to stop the men and women who EARNED that memorial – than he sent to Benghazi.
  • The Vietnam Memorial – also an open air memorial was closed. Yep, again, they want to close down the grass. Actually – it takes more people to stop visitors than to just allow visitors.
  • And the list goes on and on — but this one really ticks me off. They shut down or should I say, didn’t make the effort to keep the Amber Alert website open. Yes – that’s right, the website that is used for Amber Alerts is closed. The picture above is a screenshot I took before midnight on Sunday October 6th.

Letting that website close is almost as irresponsible as basically using the American people as guinea pigs (and using our health care) as a vehicle to inflate Obama’s ego. But that’s a topic for another day…..

One day maybe Obama and the people in his administration will learn that people’s lives are far, far more important than his ego and whether he “wins”.  Is it any wonder so many people act as if their lives and the lives of others have no value….


2 thoughts on “President Obama Has the Authority to Decide What to Close During the Shutdown

  1. Great Article. I’m catching up with my shares now that I computer access again. I just signed a petition on for a Cancer Victim affected by the Government Shut-down which has stopped her from access to a clinical trial for a drug that could possibly save her life. I just posted that our Government has become the Hatfield and McCoys and neither side has the sense to blow their nose. 🙂

  2. Oh yeah…not to mention they closed the Amber Alert Site but Michelle Obama’s site is still up and running.

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