Not All Bikers Are Treated Equally in the Media

Click the link below for the full story of the bikers who chased and assaulted a man and his family over the weekend in NY. But I will make it clear up front – these are NOT the same bikers who rode to DC on September 11th.  It also seems this sort of behavior has been going on throughout New York City and the surrounding area for months. Why is it just now being covered by the media??

This is an excerpt from the article – and the link to the full article is posted below…

Actor/comedian Michael Joiner notes the difference between how the media are treating this roving band of dangerous bikers versus the bikers of the 9/11/2013 Million Bikers’ rally in Washington, D.C.: “In Washington recently, we had miles and miles of bike riders who were scorned or ignored by the liberal media.  But the media is protecting the black bikers who terrorized this innocent family. I only wish Ted Nugent had been driving.”

And for more details –



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