Government Shutdown: Who is Really at Fault?

In all my years of watching the political scene, I don’t think I’ve ever seen our government in such disarray as it is now.  For the past 5 years, it has been nothing but infighting, name-calling, ridicule, and, let’s face it, Republican/Conservative bashing.  An interesting article in CNN this morning, clearly stated what I’ve been saying for most of Obama’s presidency.

We expect our presidents to be leaders of all the people, not a single party or ideology.  We want them to rise above the squabbling and keep us on track.  The harsh rhetoric that the president has been directing at Republicans suggests that he is less interested in settlement than unconditional surrender.”

Seeing this statement written by David Gergen, a senior political analyst for CNN, and a former adviser to four presidents, I feel vindicated.  Obama is not and has not been the president for all Americans.  You only have to listen to his speeches, if you can make it through an entire one, to know that.  They consist of ridiculing Republicans/Conservatives and the Tea Party.  He ridicules the Republican-lead House for not doing his bidding.  In all this ridiculing, does he put forth a “real” solution to anything?  How many times has he stated that he will not negotiate with Republicans?  

If only Democrats/Liberals/Progressives would listen, I would like to ask them how they would feel if a Republican president refused to negotiate with their elected representatives.  Would they feel bullied by the president?  Would they feel that they do not have a say-so in their own country?  I think the answers are glaringly evident.     

Yes, that is one red line that Obama will stand behind.  If Republicans in congress listen to their constituents and try to govern for the people and by the people, our president picks up his toys and goes home.  Or goes to the golf course.  It’s childish behavior in the extreme, and, even though the MSM has tried to protect him, he has shown the world that he is not a leader.

But, who will be blamed for the government shutdown?  Why, Republicans, of course.  The MSM, MSNBC, etc will make sure of that.  Instead of demanding that the President of the United States stop this behavior and begin working for the country as a whole, their one-sided reporting allows Obama to continue bullying the opposition.  They give Reid and Pelosi full rein to bash their Republican/Conservative peers, but what does the media report about the Republican party? — “they eat their own.”

Everyone knows Obamacare is not ready to be implemented.  Obama, himself, has unconstitutionally delayed several facets of the bill.  But, for the “masses”–that’s us, folks–this unpopular, unexplained, massive overhaul of our great healthcare system is shoved down our throats.  The polls show that about 70% of Americans do not want Obamacare.  It doesn’t matter what we want.  Obama wants it, and his minions in congress and the MSM, will see that he gets what he wants.

Does anyone really know how this bill is going to work?  Does anyone really understand?  Talk to your friends and neighbors and you’ll find that most everyone is confused.

Obama has shoved this on us without ever explaining exactly what it means to those of us who have worked hard for our entire lives to have the benefits we have.  This is a travesty perpetrated on the American people.

But, who will be blamed for the government shutdown?  Why, Republicans, of course!   

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I am a published author with a healthy interest in the direction of our country. I love the USA, and believe in upholding the constitution. I am for term limits; I'm anti big government; and, most definitely, pro-life.

4 thoughts on “Government Shutdown: Who is Really at Fault?

  1. Great post and definitely agree. It is very interesting to hear CNN acknowledge those issues. Those are things I’ve also been saying for years. So much for the rookie politician how blew onto the national scene with his 2004 DNC Keynote speech. Sad how the things that got him noticed have been thoroughly ignored in reality….

    “As the keynote speaker, Obama set the tone for the party platform. His speech, proclaiming the unnecessary and artificial divides in American culture and politics, was reminiscent of John Edwards’s “Two Americas” stump speech: “There’s not a liberal America and a conservative America—there’s the United States of America.” Obama emphasized the importance of unity, and made veiled jabs at the Bush administration and the news media’s perceived oversimplification and diversionary use of wedge issues: “We worship an awesome God in the blue states, and we don’t like federal agents poking around in our libraries in the red states. We coach Little League in the blue states, and yes, we’ve got some gay friends in the red states. There are patriots who opposed the war in Iraq, and there are patriots who supported the war in Iraq. We are one people, all of us pledging allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, all of us defending the United States of America.”

    Guess that’s one of many pitfalls when other people write your speeches and you just read them. Its hard to keep all the lies straight….

    • Catherine says:

      David Gergen is whistling in the dark if he believes that Obama or the Democrats would ever consider negotiating or compromising in any manner shape or form with the Republicans. Negotiations? What does negotiating mean to them? Obama and the Democrats version of negotiating and compromise is, “It’s my way or no way.”. All one has to do is listen to Schumer, Pelosi and especially Reid to know that. How many times has Obama demanded of Congress that they pass what he wants without question? Do not add anything, do not question me, do as I say or else? If there is any doubt of that the past few days should be enough to convince anyone that the “Emperor” demands obedience to him without question. And as long as his puppets Harry Reid, along with his sidekick Nancy Pelosi, continue to protect, shill and obey him, nothing that doesn’t bow down to Obama’s wishes will ever pass the Senate. What does that say about those so-called representatives of the people? Is saving face for Obama and their party while letting the country go to hell the reason they were elected? Obama is destroying this nation bit by bit while attempting and it appears that he is succeeding in doing his damnedest under his so-called Affordable Health Care Act, Obamacare, to force Christians to violate their religious beliefs in order to push his agenda throughout the nation. And it has nothing to do with Health. It would appear that he is hell-bent on totally destroying this nation’s economic and financial systems as well as out military by whatever means possible and the Democrats are willing enablers in helping him to do so. May the Good Lord thwart his efforts and restore this nation to what it was meant to be.

  2. usawoman says:

    Love your comment, especially the last line. Yes, it was a great speech, but it’s not anything like the Obama that we have as president. Sadly, he has done a tremendous amount of damage to, not only our great country, but the reputation of our great country.

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