Petition to Put Sterilants in Public Water Supply

I’ve seen several videos by Mark Dice and every one is very disturbing. When part of the population gets to the point where they have no concern or just can’t be bothered to take a minute to understand what they are supporting – we end up with a President Obama and his dismally failed administration – elected not only once but TWICE.

Dice is near a beach in California and asks people who pass by to sign a petition to have sterilants (free birth control) added to the public water supply. He explains this is a plan being pushed by Obama’s Science Czar and that it is a modern form of eugenics. He also tells one person that there will be racially specific sterilants so the white population will be kept at its current levels.

There are many things about Dice’s video that are beyond disturbing. But something I think should be very effective is that he uses words that people likely don’t understand – for example: sterilants, eugenics etc – but not one person makes the effort to ask what he is talking about. However, he also says “birth control” very clearly – so each person should be some clue what they are signing.

Take a look at the video – you simply won’t believe this stupidity. I checked the comments on YouTube and couldn’t believe one guy was cheering for Obama after watching this. All I could think was WTH…


3 thoughts on “Petition to Put Sterilants in Public Water Supply

  1. After watching Obama address the nation about the Government Shut Down, I’m not surprised at anything he is behind. My sister asked a very pertinent question…when I anyone person in Congress going to get fed up with the President’s antics and call it like it is. Never have we heard a president speak in such a condescending, disrespectful manner to the public, and clearly using scare tactics against the military and seniors in our country. If there is a government shut down, it will be his fault because he will not give one inch on defunding Obamacare..his baby and namesake. He’s a spoiled brat who is stomping his feet and flexing his muscles. He is insistent that Obamacare remain his goal despite the fact that people are losing jobs and the majority do NOT want it and there is nothing in place for people to sign up for. Which doctors are going to participate, which health plans,…so many unanswered questions and poor planning.

    So, why would anyone be surprised that some he autonomously appointed someone to a czar position is suggesting that we control the population by putting something in the water. Now it sort of makes sense why Michelle was urging us all to drink more water. Obama wants to run the country and control everything that goes one. He’s an egotistical, selfish, and arrogant person, and I can’t believe people can watch his speeches and not see that.

    • Agree with your assessment of him – he’s the least “presidential” president I’ve seen. He acts like a self absorbed neighborhood bully when thinks he should always get his way. He will negotiate with the Russians, the Syrians and the Iranians but can’t negotiate with the Republicans??? Why is that not considered insane???

      The ignorance of the people in that man’s videos explains how Obama was elected twice – too many people have no clue and just don’t care. He did another one of those videos where he wanted people to sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights and only 1 person spoke up and refused to sign. Unbelievable…

  2. I apologize for the typos in my comments. I have a new laptop and I’m finding that some of the keys are harder to push than others.

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