My Understanding of the Obamacare Navigators and Enrollment

I keep an eye on the news and stay pretty up to date on what’s happening, but I must have misunderstood some things. Here is my understanding – so please let me know where I’m wrong. But please include a link to the “right” info. I’ve checked the government sites and not finding much…

Okay –

The way I understand it – the signups for the ACA start October 1st, 2013. It seems the Obama administration are way behind getting things ready to go (not surprising) and so they are rushing to get people hired and trained to sign people up for the exchanges. For some reason – the administration who has been in office for the WikiLeaks scandal and the ongoing Snowden/NSA scandal – think they don’t need to do background checks on the people who will be gathering the private information from Americans for their ACA signup. This is one of my biggest issues with the things taking effect on Oct 1 and seems like sheer insanity to me – but I digress.

They have also decided to postpone some of the implementation  for employers. While that seems like a very good idea, they are not postponing implementation for individuals. So – have I got this right… the employers don’t need to sign up, but individuals do? Then the really questionable part of this is that individuals can go to the exchanges to sign up and tell people their employer doesn’t supply insurance – but no one is going to double check on that fact. Which could easily lead to abuse and fraud….

And one more thing – since employers aren’t forced to buy insurance for a year, doesn’t that basically mean that all individuals will have to sign up for their own insurance, or sign up for an exchange? How can people legally sign up for the exchanges – without the employer mandate – and how can any person imagine that the registrations won’t have lots of potential problems?

I’m the kind of business person who plans things through, forms a plan, and spends time to figure out the potential problems and tries to have plans in place to head off these problems. It would seem that wasn’t done for these things. Or am I missing the big picture??

This is one of MANY times in the last 5 years that I have hoped that I was wrong about what the government was doing to us – I mean…. for us….

Another perspective on no background checks for navigators –


One thought on “My Understanding of the Obamacare Navigators and Enrollment

  1. usawoman says:

    It’s so confusing. How can we assume that anyone knows what they are doing with this mess? October 1st is just 3 days away and I would be willing to bet that most people in this country don’t have a clue as to what Obamacare is or how it works.

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