Threatening a GOP Staffers Children is NOT Acceptable

People who put themselves into the public arena are going to be targeted in various ways — but threats against anyone’s children should be off limits and denounced by other people.

I vividly remember the outrage when a GOP staffer sent an email insulting Obama, but I haven’t heard ANY outrage from the left about this tweet – and it should be noted that a tweet is much more public than an email which is sent to specific people.

So basically – where is the outrage?? Making that statement about a staffers children should insult the sensibilities of everyone…. imagine the outrage if something even remotely similar was said about the Obama daughters.



One thought on “Threatening a GOP Staffers Children is NOT Acceptable

  1. usawoman says:

    I could not believe that a man would say something this awful, but he did. Not only that, he tweeted horrible comments about women. Is he part of the “real” war on women? I’m happy to hear that the Democrat party in Sacramento asked for his resignation as chairman.

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