Wake Up America’s Stand

Wake Up America is one of the sites I follow because the things they report are legitimate as is the stand they take against problems haunting our country.  I have my own ideas, but I realize there are still voters who stand behind and defend our president.  I think a lot do because they believe it’s the patriotic thing to do, but no matter how you vote, I can’t think of anyone who can disagree with the following I copied from WUA’s site:  Note:  I’m going to add my two cents in parenthesis after each issue since I’m blogging. 🙂

Wake Up America will take stands on, and propose solutions to, the many urgent problems in America today. These positions will be based on common sense, respect for our Constitution and the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, and the acknowledgement of American Exceptionalism.

Target Issues:

Fiscal responsibility by all elected officials (eliminate deficit spending)

(Note from Ginger:  This should include assuring that all congressional members READ the bills and not be allowed to include pork barrel spending at will.)

Reducing social programs (decrease the dependency class)

(Note from Ginger:  I think we all hate to lose social programs, but decreasing the dependency on free services will help eliminate a growing deficit.  Somehow, we need to reason with women who keep having babies to remain on the welfare rolls.)

Promoting Liberty (stop government takeovers)

(Note from Ginger:  No elected official should be able to act autonomously)

Defending the Constitution (identifying threats, such as taking away Second Amendment Rights, the threat of Shariah Law, and more) 

(Note from Ginger:  For decades we have been governed by the Constitution and this has for years been a land of immigrants.  My great-grandparents came to Ellis Island from Russia.  We can open welcome arms to immigrants entering legally, but allowing them to come here and institute their own rules and laws is wrong. Chanting  death to America while they hold our money in their hands is a travesty as is defying the rights to which we Americans have been granted for years.)

Restoring the U.S. industrial base 

(Note from Ginger:  It’s time to bring home the businesses that have relocated overseas, denying employment to our own people and leaving the eyesore of empty buildings behind.  I would, for once, like to speak to a customer service rep who isn’t in India.)

Eliminating illegal immigration 

(Note from Ginger: America has always welcome immigration and many of us have ties to other countries because of our legacies, however, immigration should be allowed only through LEGAL  channels, and those immigrating should not be given preferential treatment over those Americans who live and pay taxes here.)

Reforming the tax code (we like the Fair Tax best) 

(Note from Ginger:  Although the current president proposes that higher earners pay a bigger share, I have never felt entitled to dip my hand into the pocket of someone who was fortunate enough to climb their way to success.  Taxing earnings as they are granted in a fair and impartial manner seems to be an ideal answer.  Taxed once and only once!  Getting rid of the IRS seems like a good idea given the current scandal.)

Supporting strict constructionist view of courts (opposing liberal court activism)

Note from Ginger:  (Enough said)

Promoting equal opportunity (oppose political correctness and quotas) 

(Note from Ginger:  It’s time that all races are treated equally.  Hardly seems fair that Americans of color have their history month, beauty contest and parades, yet if white folks dared exclude anyone, we’re racists.)

Supporting States’ Rights (oppose heavy-handed federalism like ObamaCare and regulation imposing federal bureaucrats) 

(Note from Ginger:  What happened to the voice of the people?  Our government officials have lost sight of the reason they were elected, instead serve special interest groups or their own.  No one…not even the president should be allowed to act independently by foisting his will on the people by pressuring party members to support the office’s whims.  Term limits and dissolution of the two party system will help eliminate the invisible line in the sand and instead allow voters to support qualified candidates rather than affiliations dictated by family legacy.

Passing bonded term limits (candidates make the pledge, break pledge, pay the bond)

(Note from Ginger:  Imagine the money we could save if positions in Congress didn’t become careers with ridiculous benefits and retirements.  Fresh ideas would stand a better change of survival if the “good ol’ boys” didn’t band together to vote in their stale, outdated ideas.)

Countering Leftists Re-Writing God out of our Founding & Institution

(Note from Ginger:  God has long been on our currency, part of the most populous religions in this country, and removing his holy name from history would serve only to satisfy a minority of disbelievers.  I do agree that prayer has no part in our schools because students of all beliefs attend and should not have to be humiliated by those with differing opinions.)

Building and maintaining a strong military (but not neo-con over-involvement in foreign countries)

(Note from Ginger:  Our government appears to be able to support the needs of foreign countries who oppose our way of live.  Why not bring our military back to its original strength?  I’m totally distressed by the lack of military bases in our country, and how little our fighting men and women seem to be regarded.  Also, these bases sit empty in most cases while homeless people live in cardboard boxes.  Why doesn’t charity begin at home?)


About mizging

I'm a multi-published author, mother of two grown sons and companion and caretaker to a ten-year-old special needs grandson, Spencer. Besides him, writing is my passion and every release has been a special reason to celebrate, but first and foremost, I'm an American, concerned with the direction our country is taking. My opinions are my own and I'm not asking for agreement, simply that people consider the facts presented by me and my web mates.

2 thoughts on “Wake Up America’s Stand

  1. usawoman says:

    A great post! I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. mizging says:

    I appreciate that there is someone who sees things my way…and I remain hopeful that somewhere there is a worthy candidate who will be elected and make some of these things come true.

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