Time to Avenge…Time for Change?

never-forgetMichelle Malkin is someone I greatly admire.  I’ve followed her blog for quite a while, and she always manages to inspire me with her grit and determination to tell it like it is.  Yesterday, her blog on 9/11 asked a serious question.  Before we hurry into avenging the deaths of innocents in Syria, how about we finish avenging our own…those lost years ago to the most horrific terrorist act.  I quote the following from Michelle’s blog to give a better idea of what she means:

“When I say “finish,” of course I really mean “start.” A dozen years after the 9/11 attacks, the trials against the jihadist plotters who incinerated pregnant women, firefighters, grandparents, newlyweds, toddlers and school kids on their first-ever plane rides have yet to begin.

Justice not only has been delayed and denied. Justice has been demoted, disowned and deserted. Justice for the 9/11 victims and families isn’t blindfolded. She’s gagged and hogtied.”

I totally agree with Michelle, and I also harken back to the ignoring of the Benghazi attack, Fast and Furious, all the lies, and deflections that make our current administration guilty of unforgiveable crimes.  How can we continue to trust in them?

Blogging is the only way I know to try to get out the word that it’s time not only to avenge, but to clean house here in our country.  Our congress, without terms limits, has become a place where good old boys have turned elected positions into careers that enable them in interact with special interest groups for their own benefit.  Having a two party system no longer serves the public.  Voters are forced by past family traditions to draw a line in the sand and stand on one side of the other, voting their parties preferences instead of doing their own research and electing a QUALIFIED PERSON instead of following the herd.  Shouldn’t we be ONE country, united by the government, and not divided by it?

Our country is filled with voters who follow the entertainment world and are more interested in what Miley Syrus is doing than the potential danger that lurks at our doorstep.  I’m sure I’ve lost readers because of sharing political opinions rather than promoting my books, but I am first and foremost an American concerned with the direction our country is headed.

President Obama promised change, but he certainly hasn’t delivered what I expected, even though he was not my choice, I remained hopeful.  I think the only way we are ever going to see the changes we need is if we find our voices and raise them loud and clear.  Just not sure how to go about it.  So, I’ll continue to blog about world events, people I admire, and truths as I believe them to be.  I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion, but I encourage you to decide for yourselves and not be swayed by what daddy and grandpa did.


About mizging

I'm a multi-published author, mother of two grown sons and companion and caretaker to a ten-year-old special needs grandson, Spencer. Besides him, writing is my passion and every release has been a special reason to celebrate, but first and foremost, I'm an American, concerned with the direction our country is taking. My opinions are my own and I'm not asking for agreement, simply that people consider the facts presented by me and my web mates.

One thought on “Time to Avenge…Time for Change?

  1. Awesome post – and great points. You know – I’ve also thought it is incredibly sad that so many people follow every shallow step in some of these “celebrities” lives, but can’t be bothered or just don’t care enough to know anything about the people who make the decisions that affect every person in this country. Just another indication of how much people take the freedoms they have for granted – and in many cases show absolutely no appreciation for the people who have lived and died to make those freedoms possible. But at some point, reality will catch up with them — let’s just hope they aren’t able to take the rest of us down with them.

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