Young People Need to Learn Respect

I saw this video of CUNY students heckling General Petreaus. This is a man and his family who made major sacrifices for decades in order to serve this country and to protect the freedoms of these thoughtless young people.

If you need prove that too many people in this country have no appreciation for the freedoms we have in this country, no respect for the military and no comprehension of what happened over the last 200+ years for them to be able to enjoy the lifestyle they have now – this is a prime example.

In addition to his decades of service in the military, the General is also working with the college for $1 as a special concession for them. It would seem that the student body doesn’t comprehend or care about the very thoughtful offer.

For people who aren’t familiar with his career or who only followed the scandal his was involved in – should take a little time and read about what he did for his country –


2 thoughts on “Young People Need to Learn Respect

  1. Are these fanatic liberals will lead America in the future ?.Its disgraceful for the families which raised them.Jalal

  2. Catherine says:

    They weren’t raised that were dragged up. Respect is a word that is foreign to them. It’s unfortunate that a man who spent a lifetime protecting this nation has to have bodyguards to protect him from the rabble that is allowed to attend the CUNY. They should all be expelled.

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