Obama’s Waterloo?

I just read the best comments on the reality of Obama’s presidency, and his complete lack of leadership dealing with the Syrian civil war.  I have to share them.  Full credit for these astute remarks goes to one of my FaceBook friends, Jack Watts.



COMMON SENSE: The Syrian crisis isn’t going well for President Obama, nor will it. Unfortunately, because he is our leader, it isn’t going to go well for our nation either. It isn’t just that he has made a foolish challenge about Syria stepping over a red line—a misstatement he cannot correct without loosing face. It goes much deeper than that.

We are in perilous waters. America has not been in this difficult a situation since the Cuban Missile Crisis, which brought us to the brink of thermonuclear war with the Soviet Union in 1962. We are facing a crisis that requires strong, principled leadership. We need a dependable man—a man whose wisdom we can trust. Barack Obama isn’t that person; he’s incapable of being that person. There are two reasons why.

First, he has a narcissistic personality disorder that prevents him from taking responsibility for failure. In his eyes, he is always right. He has to be right. If you disagree with him or with the way he is handling a situation, you become his enemy. It’s always that way for a narcissist. It’s why he has sycophantic people advising him like his National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, instead of seasoned veterans of foreign policy who are willing to tell him when he is wrong. Rice isn’t strong enough to do that. She may be a good basketball player and a trusted accomplice in deceiving the American people about Benghazi, but she cannot help Obama stand up to Putin.

Obama is the one who said the use of chemical weapons would precipitate the United States to intervene in the Syrian Civil War. Now, he is saying that it’s Congress’ red line or the world’s red line. To admit he was the instigator would put “responsibility and blame” on him, and that’s something a narcissist like Obama can never do. It’s not in his nature to do so. President Truman said, “The buck stops here.” For President Obama, it is, “The buck never stops here.”

For better or worse, the problem is ours. We are responsible because we elected him. We married him without knowing him. Now, we have come to discover he does not have the character necessary to face a tough international crisis. He’s incapable of guiding us through unscathed. Syria is his Waterloo, which means it may be ours as well.

Second, by consistently giving Obama a pass on his performance for five years, essentially covering up his mistakes, our press has made it impossible for him to face a tough challenge. Refusing to publish, “The Emperor is wearing no clothes,” the press has either skewed stories or buried them completely in their relentless quest to ensure that the first black, Progressive President is successful. Having done this has infuriated Obama’s critics, but the person hurt the most by not having to face reality has been Obama himself.

By having his weaknesses covered up, He has come to count on having an easy road to success. Now, the road is suddenly anything but easy. It has become treacherous and difficult, and Obama isn’t seasoned enough to navigate the terrain, which he should be after five years in office. It’s like he has been training for a heavyweight title bout by reading his own press clippings about how tough he is, instead of actually being toughened up, by having been forced to face the consequences of his mismanagement in smaller situations. To be the person he needs to be now, Obama should have been sparring, running, and weightlifting for the past five years instead of leading the soft life made possible for him by his fawning media.

Now, it is too late. Our feckless leader is clueless about what to do. Congress, especially the house of Representative, will not sustain his folly. If he acts without Congressional approval—after asking for it—his effectiveness as President will be over. It may even be worse than that. He may initiate Armageddon. If he does, it will not be his fault. You can count on that.

—Jack Watts


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I am a published author with a healthy interest in the direction of our country. I love the USA, and believe in upholding the constitution. I am for term limits; I'm anti big government; and, most definitely, pro-life.

One thought on “Obama’s Waterloo?

  1. Very very well said and agreed. So far – Obama hasn’t had to face anything tough and has had a very cushy presidency. At every turn someone has been covering for him or shielding him – but he started this in one of his many meaningless speeches on the campaign trail and now its come back to bite him. Unfortunately for the US — a slim majority of the voters in this country voted for him again and we’re stuck with him. But seriously – he doesn’t want to strike Syria for any reason other than to save face. For once, he needs to suck it up and admit he screwed up.

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