Humanity’s Red Line – The Syrian Party Line is in Place

Kerry speaks out on syria

BREAKING NEWS – The Syrian regime’s alleged use of chemical weapons is a threat to U.S. security interests, said U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Hagel told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee the attack could embolden other regimes, like North Korea, to use their stockpiles, and encourage other governments to acquire them.

Pressing the administration’s case, Secretary of State John Kerry said “this debate is about the world’s red line — it’s about humanity’s red line — and it’s a line that anyone with a conscience should draw.”


Isn’t it amazing how Kerry’s comment sounds so similar to Nancy Pelosi’s comments about it not being Obama’s red line, but humanity’s. Sounds like they are preparing now for the vote to go against them from Congress and building that buffer for Obama to avoid blame for any future decisions…


3 thoughts on “Humanity’s Red Line – The Syrian Party Line is in Place

  1. usawoman says:

    Exactly! It is so blatant, how is it that some people cannot see it?

  2. Catherine says:

    My questions are, why do we have to “teach anyone a lesson?” Why aren’t the countries in the Middle East handling this problem? If Assad is guilty, why don’t they take him out. If he isn’t, why don’t they put a stop to these atrocities happening in Syria. Why is it our problem? Why are we the Policemen of the World? All these countries hate us, so why should we send our men and women into their battle to die for a country that wouldn’t even thank us for saving them? Let them fight it out and whoever wins so be it. As to Kerry , he is a traitor. He always has been an always will be. Nothing he says has any ring of truth to it. No matter what it is.

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