Positive Pregnancy Tests for Sale on Craigslist

You read that right — people are selling positive pregnancy tests on Craiglist. And – some are promoting this as a way to get your boyfriend to finally propose. This is definitely a “are they kidding” type of story. I heard this on the news and had to double check to be sure it was really happening.

This takes lying to your boyfriend about being pregnant to a sad new level. So – the man doesn’t feel ready for a family or doesn’t love the woman enough to commit to her or there could be many other reasons not to propose — so some person through Craisglist is encouraging her to lie about being pregnant, and they will supply a positive pregnancy test as a prop.

What in the world has happened to this country?? People – sadly a segment of the population feels that being ethical, having values, being decent and honest and leading a moral life – are bad things. I will simply say that “a moral life” does not mean a stuffy uptight life with no sex. It goes much deeper than that. Ethics, values, decency, and morals are not limited to “religious” people. Anyone can have those qualities and it makes a much more positive and productive life – but I’m getting off topic.

This is one of the posts about this new way to make money and manipulate a lover —

Positive Pregnancy Tests for Sale on Craigslist

The Daily Dot alerts the world to a new Craigslist trend: ads in New Jersey, Buffalo, and Texas selling positive pregnancy tests for $25–40. Don’t worry, it’s a no-questions-asked exchange. The sellers don’t care what the tests are being used for, whether it’s getting your boyfriend to pop the question, playing a fun prank on Mom and Dad, entrapment, a kidnapping plot, what have you. Here is one Dallas-based ad seeking a test for $40, for use in some elaborate revenge plot. We’re looking forward to the ensuing Lifetime movie plot that emerges from that one.


Women Sell Positive Pregnancy Tests on Craigslist

Pregnant women across the country have taken to Craigslist to sell positive pregnancy tests for about $25 a pop.

Some ads suggest buyers use the tests to finally get longtime boyfriends to propose. Others suggest pranking mom and dad. And one even suggests asking for money for an abortion and then using it to go on vacation.

“I will provide you with 1(one) positive pregnancy test with NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Taken same day,” writes one woman from Florida. “It isn’t my business what you choose to use it for!”

Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin, which is only present in pregnant women’s urine.

Another woman in Toledo, Ohio, is asking for $10 plus the cost of the test. Like the Florida ad, this one promises not to ask questions.

“I will no [sic] take any responsibility for the test after it has been sold nor will I assume any obligations for the test after it has been sold,” the Toledo woman writes. “What you do with the test is your business. I do reserve the right no [sic] deny any requests.”

The ads appear in Chicago, Manhattan, Houston and other cities. Some have been flagged for removal by Craigslist, but new ads that have not been shut down remain.


This leads to another question –

Why are so many people selling positive pregnancy tests on Craigslist

Troubling new trend alert: In the last few months, there’s been a preponderance of Craigslist ads selling positive pregnancy tests. In May, a woman in Buffalo offered hers for $25, apparently as a response to heightened demand:

Then another seller in New Jersey decided to follow suit and offered $25 for her pregnancy test, in case you wanted to “get your boyfriend to finally pop the question” :

Even more troubling, the sellers assure they won’t ask questions and don’t care what the tests are being used for. However, there aren’t very many uses for a positive pregnancy test, outside of confirming a woman is pregnant. Unless you want to make, say, a dreamcatcher.

Could it be these tests are used for more nefarious purposes? Yes, that’s definitely the reason. Take this seller from Dallas:

This ad from Conroe, Texas, which has been branded by the website MediaTakeOut, echoes the previous ads and even hints at a possible ratchet network of women seeking positive tests. Or rather, “help.”

The ads continue to appear across the country, all with the same no-questions-asked, I’m-always-by-my-phone language. Might there also be a market for negative pregnancy tests? Sort of torn on this issue. I’m all for women with a business plan, and the concept of a ratchet network intrigues me, but this might be taking the idea of “lean in” a little too far.

Photo via Johannes Jander/Flickr


Featured image – http://www.babymed.com/sites/default/files/pregnancy_test_positive.jpg


2 thoughts on “Positive Pregnancy Tests for Sale on Craigslist

  1. usawoman says:

    I am shocked at the dishonesty in some people. This is wrong on so many levels, and a little disgusting, at that. Where has the moral fiber of our society gone to? Why would anyone think this is a good idea? smh

  2. Agreed – I’ve always thought it was horrible for anyone to lie about being pregnant and/or getting pregnant as a plan to trap a guy. But this takes that to a ridiculous level. You know I’m all for capitalism and entrepreneurs – but this is just wrong.Imagine the radical difference in society as a whole, if the imagination and effort that went into this was used in a positive way to help people… so sick of seeing people find more and more ways to scam people.

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