Enough Muscle to Not be Mocked

Sometimes you read a headline and you just have to shake your head and wonder what in the world the person was thinking. Other times you’re almost afraid to ask what the person was thinking. This is one of those times – although I have to admit that I’m not surprised by this response…. just one more way the Obama administration makes this country look pathetic and weak…

Obama’s Strikes on Syria to Be ‘Just Muscular Enough Not to Be Mocked’

And, I couldn’t even write that headline without LOLing. How will the mullahs and Assad react?

Some experts said U.S. warships and submarines in the eastern Mediterranean could fire cruise missiles at Syrian targets as early as Thursday night, beginning a campaign that could last two or three nights. Obama leaves next Tuesday for a four day trip to Sweden and Russia, which strongly supports Assad’s government, for the G-20 economic summit.

One U.S. official who has been briefed on the options on Syria said he believed the White House would seek a level of intensity “just muscular enough not to get mocked” but not so devastating that it would prompt a response from Syrian allies Iran and Russia.

So this is the standard for demonstrations of US military might now? Throw a few million-dollar missiles around and hope that our enemies don’t openly mock us?

Newsflash: If Assad survives the strikes, and he will because he isn’t even a target, then he will stand on some rubble somewhere and declare that he has “defeated the United States.” That constitutes mocking.

There are often cases where limited strikes can and do work. Syria doesn’t strike me as such a case. When it comes to a conflict like this, a civil war in which both sides are our enemies, you should either go in strong enough to destroy one side and dictate the terms to the other, or shouldn’t go in at all.



3 thoughts on “Enough Muscle to Not be Mocked

  1. usawoman says:

    That’s ridiculous! Of course we’ll be mocked. Why waste our military assets, if we aren’t intending to accomplish anything? Obama’s policies in the Middle East have been feckless to say the least. Some might even say devastating to the USA’s standing in the world.

    • Catherine says:

      Putin had it right, Obama is like a monkey with a hand grenade in his hand. (Comments coming out of Russia). All the “muscle” he plans to use against Syria will only make Assad more determined to use chemical weapons against his opponents. Obama’s real intention is to help his soul mates, the Muslim Brotherhood, since he is taking his orders from members (7 of them) of the Muslim Brotherhood he has on his staff and from CAIR. After all he is a radical Muslim himself.

    • He doesn’t care about “we” or “us” or the “US” — only the fact that he thinks he won’t personally be mocked if anything is done. The man and his advisors are so thoroughly over their head —- again. It is interesting that the UK is not going to support him and that he’s heading overseas next week — interesting timing. Sadly the people in Israel are caught in the middle and his stroking his ego and flexing his muscles could cause them many problems.

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