Corbin Bernsen on Our Moral Compass

Corbin Bernsen on Our Moral Compass

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Corbin Bernsen
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  • Lots in the news today about senseless violence and “what the hell is going on!” More to come on this in days ahead, but really, very simple… we’ve lost our moral compass – all of us. And I’m not talking about church, God, Christ and the rest. I’m talking about Main Street. I’m talking about community. I’m talking about family. Morals are taught at home, in the school, church and yes, Main Street. We gathered on Main Street to celebrate and teach community. We taught values, not as a “lesson” but just the way we lived. You want to get down to it… ship jobs overseas, build superstores, destroy mom and pop and YOU LOOSE COMMUNITY. That’s reality my friends. And when you loose community you loose ALL THAT GOES WITH IT. But don’t blame “corporations” and their bottom line, we enjoy the benefits of the erosion, in the price way pay for goods. But be warned, that’s not the only price we pay… the other are senseless killings by kids who are simply “bored.”

    I pray to God in the next election we get someone to stand up and say, WAKE UP PEOPLE, You are the problem! We are the problem!

    Send a billion to some remote country that can’t get it’s act together, and deprive our kids of INCREDIBLE SCHOOLS, state of the art sports, music, arts, technology… and you get kids who want nothing to do with the building. Make it a sanctuary with the best, freshest, food on the planet, the greenest lawn for sports, the most advanced tech lab you can find with every musical instrument under the sun and QUALIFIED, EXCITED, WELL PAID teachers… you won’t get bored kids. Is that so difficult to comprehend?

    Be warned, this next election isn’t about liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, it’s about finder a thinker who will tell us the truth about OURSELVES! THE SCARY, SCARY TRUTH about how we can either destroy us or take us into a new tomorrow. It’s not church. It’s not God, It’s not family, It’s not school… It’s Main Street – you and I, mom and pop, values from the rocking chair. I’d like to say you learn half of it sitting around the fireplace, but hey, they tell me in Los Angeles you can’t have a real fireplace anymore,,, enough said.

    Not angry, just real. I blame me before all.


3 thoughts on “Corbin Bernsen on Our Moral Compass

  1. usawoman says:

    Wow! So well stated. Corbin Bernsen is right about the loss of values in our country, and probably around the world. We have lost “Main Street.” I, too, pray for the next election. I, too, pray for someone who will stand up and tell the truth. It will take a strong person–male, female, white, black, brown, yellow, it doesn’t matter as long as they have the good of the country and the American citizens at heart, and not an agenda.

  2. Catherine says:

    Corbin Bernsen hit it right on the nail. It’s not just the Presidency that needs a strong moral leader, we also need strong moral leaders in Congress. Leaders who put the country before their political lives. What we need to impose is “Term Limits” for all members of Congress. We must return to what the Founding Fathers believed. Being a Representative of the People doesn’t mean it’s a lifetime job. It means you represent the people while Congress is in Session and then return home to a meaningful job. Not only should the salaries for these members be attuned to that of private companies, but all perks, privileges and retirement benefits should be abolished. After all, why should these members of Congress be paid more than the people who put them there, and why should they be paid for the privilege of serving the people? Just saying.

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