“A’s” Surprise Boy Mauled by Pit Bulls

ecct0823huntfolo01There is so much negativity in the news these days that It’s good to be able to write about a feel-good story.  To be reminded that there are many more good people in the world than bad.

10-year-old Hunter Kilbourn was mauled by pit bulls while at a friend’s home in Antioch nearly two weeks ago.  On Thursday, after a visit to the doctor’s office where sutures that held together skin grafts were removed, Hunter felt down.   He had just learned that he would need more surgery, and that he would have to return to UC Davis Children’s Hospital twice a week for check-ups.

Upon returning home, Hunter was surprised to find a package from the Oakland “A’s” waiting for him.  A big fan of the “A’s,” his mood changed immediately.  Inside were numerous items from the team, including a signed picture and baseball from outfielder Josh Reddick.  Reddick even invited Hunter to take batting practice with the team when he is feeling better.

The smile on Hunter’s face in this photo taken by his mother tells the story of how much the gift raised his spirits.

Hunter asked his mother, “Why are people doing this for me?”

She replied, “Because you are so brave, and you are so strong.”


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