Video Contest to Promote ObamaCare

HHS Video Contest for ObamaCare

Does anybody else wonder when our government decided they were in the entertainment business instead of the governing and leading business? The Obama administration is still trying to “sell” ObamaCare to young people — now they are holding a video contest to get young people involved. This reminds me of the food stamp promotional campaign. Its like – create a flashy campaign to get people to buy something they don’t want and don’t need – to make them more dependent on the government. Sadly these videos will help move people to fall in line with what big government wants them to do instead of thinking for themselves and standing up to say they don’t want government to take over another segment of their lives….

HHS Launches Video Contest to Attract Young Obamacare Subscribe

( – The Department of Health and Human Services is sponsoring a video contest (“the weirder and more outlandish the better”) to attract an important group of insurance subscribers it describes as “young invicibles.”

Under the Affordable Care Act, everyone must purchase health insurance or a pay a fine. But if young people don’t sign up for health insurance through the Obamacare exchanges, premiums for everyone else will increase, even though the Obama administration has promised “affordable” insurance for all.

The “Healthy Young America” video contest announced on Monday offers a $30,000 prize pool, with a maximum award of $6,500. HHS said it is seeking videos — skits, music or animation — that describe the circumstances in which young people need health insurance because of an accident.

Young Invincibles, the advocacy group partnering with HHS, says the competition is a good way to “engage” young people by reaching them through their preferred video medium.

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