GOP – STOP Insisting Every Conservative Voice Should Be President


This has become one of my biggest pet peeves and its time to get it off my chest.

Am I the only person who is sick and tired of the media and pundits insisting that every Conservative person who speaks out and makes sense – “must run for president”? Those calls are NOT doing ANY good. From what I’ve seen, they are only building more division and doing little to help the GOP become a strong political party. There is too much focus on individuals and not nearly enough focus on strengthening the party. The current feud between Rand Paul and Chris Christy is just one example. Its 2013 — STOP POSTURING and stop talking – instead spend your time working together and making positive changes. There are way too many people attacking one another – and the mainstream media jumps on every argument.

This happens over and over and over – its been said about:

Paul Ryan

Marco Rubio

Chris Christy

Jeb Bush

Dr Ben Carson

and so so many more….

Why not let these people share their ideas, work together and show the American people how a Conservative perspective can improve this country?

Its way too early to be campaigning – just like all of us who complain that Obama is stuck in campaign mode and doesn’t know how to lead. GOP – STOP campaigning and trying to draft candidates for the 2016 election. Its not time for that and there are MANY other things the party needs to be focused on.

If you think that continued confusion and division in the GOP is okay – take a look at the image below…



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