Teaching Children to Sell Obama Care

I did a double take when I heard a teaser this afternoon about a news story that the LA Unified School District had authorized $1,000,000 for a program for students to learn to “sell” Obama Care to their family, friends etc. Are they kidding?

US students continue to slip in their standing with students in other parts of the world and we are told frequently that more money is needed for education. LA and California have been struggling for years to get their debt under control – but they can find $1 million dollars to teach their students to promote a program that the majority of the people in this country don’t want. Hmmmm — makes you scratch your head at the very least.

Aside from sagging education results and the economic issues – since when does our country encourage a political party to train students to work for them. That is NOT the function of the school system – but could be one more reason to realize the Department of Education needs serious reform and to be CUT.

This is just the latest tactic being used by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to spend tax payer money and a fundraising campaign to fund a law and program that was literally shoved down the throat of the people in the US. Actually it was shoved down the throats of our elected “representative” – who didn’t take the time and/or didn’t have the time to actually read the monstrosity that is known as Obama Care.

I realize there are many administration scandals this summer and a president, who once again is traveling and disengaged from the reality of what is actually happening in the country he was elected to SERVE – but this is one school district, it needs to be squelched before it is rolled out in other areas. Our country and our children deserve MUCH BETTER.

I will go back to the tagline for this site – We CAN and MUST DO BETTER….

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