Another Planned Parenthood “Counselor”

Flush It - Planned Parenthood

I understand that women want to have the right to make choices about their body. I get that.

I understand there are some situations – incest, rape, danger to the woman’s health – where a woman may chose to have an abortion. Not saying I would agree, but I understand their desire to make this decision. I get that.

I understand women wanting to be empowered. I share that desire and I get it.

But – how can people see information about the Kermit Gosnell trial and not be sick by what they see? That’s the material for a longer post that I’m not ready to write.

However, take a look at this video and see if you can help me understand how a “counselor” who is supposed to help women, can do this…


2 thoughts on “Another Planned Parenthood “Counselor”

  1. Kermit Gosnell does not represent all abortion clinics, nor does he represent all pro-choice advocates.
    The same could be said about this woman.
    Every person is different. Let us be free to make our own choices.

    • Of course he doesn’t – but that’s missing the point of the post.

      No matter what side a person is on – pro choice or pro life – it would seem that any human being would have major issues if not complete disgust for the things he has done.

      Personally I think anyone who says to flush a baby and then laughs about it is reprehensible and needs to evaluate their values – but that may just be me.

      I’ve spoken to many people I know, over half are pro choice, and every one of them are horrified by the things Gosnell did.

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