$277,000 Per Year for The Calligraphers

With the advances in computer technology and the wide range of computer programs — why does the White House need a calligrapher, not to mention that there are THREE calligraphers on staff for an annual cost of $277,000?

I used to do some calligraphy and it is beautiful – but that was when we didn’t have the option of using a computer program to create the same effect. And even if the administration or one of Michelle Obama’s many assistants feel that she needs invitations hand written – why does she need THREE? Could it be that she does too much entertaining? I would guess that military families who are invited to the White House don’t care if their invitation is hand written. I would also guess that none of the Republican Senators or Congressmen who were invited to lunch would care if their invitation was hand written. Although I guess none of these people got the cherished hand written invitations.

So – what do these three people do??? I would love to hear if anyone knows….

For more details about the picture, visit – http://www.wusa9.com/news/local/story.aspx?storyid=248315


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