Sequestration Tally

I’ve been seeing the various breaking news reports about the things that we are told are being done because of sequestration and I got an idea. Someone should create a tally of all the things the Obama administration claim are happening because less than 3% of the budget has been cut.

Then – they need to take that tally and compare it to the total budget. Would anyone else be surprised if we discover that the actual cost of the things being cut, has no relevance to the amount of the sequestration? It seems the cuts are being done more for the impact they will have, instead of actual cost cutting measures.

Let’s be serious – everyone knows that there is a lot of waste in government. Whether people agree with the “need” for the various departments, and expenditures – there is a lot of money being wasted. However, we can see where people put their priorities.

That reminds me of the fact that tours of the White House have been cancelled, but the White House calligrapher (at an annual cost of $100,000) is still on the payroll.

Let’s cut the excessive staff at the White House, eliminate the raises for politicians and stop the campaign style trips of the president – for a start.


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