Americans Take Bigger Financial Hit Than the Federal Government

I am so sick of hearing the scare tactics the Obama administration have spread for a couple of weeks — they wanted the sequestration to back the GOP into a corner and it didn’t work. As Sean Hannity would say – “its time to put on your big boy pants”. And the comment today by Obama about not being able to use a Jedi mind meld to pass a budget — is he kidding? Too often it feels like this country is being run by a group of 10 year olds. Reminds me of a comment last night by Michael Reagan about the president leading by tanrum — that just really sums it up.

But back to the sequester – I hadn’t thought about it, but with the 2% tax increase in payroll deductions (which is actually just a rollback of the “tax holiday” from a couple of years ago), the working American public is facing a bigger revenue hit than the Federal government. Imagine if every tax paying person in this country belly ached as much as the politicians about a 2-3% revenue hit. Come on you all – grow up and make the tough decisions or we can just start cutting the insane list of benefits that politicians get.

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2 thoughts on “Americans Take Bigger Financial Hit Than the Federal Government

  1. Catherine Alexandra says:

    It’s unbelievable that this Administration doesn’t want to balance the budget and cut all the unnecessary waste that is rampant in the government. There is nothing wrong with merging the bureaus that seem to duplicate their efforts. There are probably much more areas that can be eliminated than we know of that would and could make this country fiscally responsible. The Administration claims we are out of money, then why haven’t we cut all foreign aid until we can balance the budget? Why is it necessary to weaken our military, rather than stop sending money to countries that wish us ill? There are people who need help that goes without saying, by the same token there are those who are taking advantage of the situation we are in and they should not be allowed to continue to do so. There are so many areas that can be reduced or removed without hurting anyone unnecessarily which wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out. However, it doesn’t appear as if the government has the will or desire to do so. Not even a rocket scientist can help this inept goverment

  2. They won’t do it because it doesn’t serve their purpose and that would eliminate a key way for Obama to berate the GOP and that is a key objective for him too. It would be for the good of the country but not good for the Obama agenda.

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