Its Gun Violence Stupid

Washington Watch with Roland Martin

Very strange day in my world – I just saw a clip with Roland Martin and…. I agree with a lot of what he said. Who would’ve imagined that would ever happen. But – don’t get concerned that I’m going soft or shifting to the left…

In Roland Martin’s Washington Watch, he interviews a judge, a journalist and a political analyst/radio show host and they make some very important points. Again – I do NOT agree with everything, but they did make some valid points and I think its important to see that left leaning people do see and are willing to acknowledge some of the real issues that Congress and the Obama Administration are ignoring/missing.

These are the guests in the discussion – Hollywood roundtable: Judge Mablean Ephriam. You know her, of course, from “Divorce Court” all those years. Allison Samuels, senior writer at “Newsweek” and “Daily Beast”; and Earl Ofari Hutchinson, host of “The Hutchinson Report.”

Full story –


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