Where is the Outrage About Chicago Gun Crime

Gun crime in chicago

Several times lately I’ve heard reports about Rahm Emanuel “warning” banks not to make loans for gun manufacturers. I have issues with that approach on so many levels.

He’s trying to block funding for legal businesses

He is using Capone style tactics to push an agenda he supports

He is a mayor of a major US city and acting like a thug

He could impact jobs of hard working US citizens

And with the gun crimes in Chicago – doesn’t he have other more important things that NEED his attention?

I found a couple of interesting opinions about why there isn’t much apparant outrage about gun crimes in Chicago – a city with some of the tightest gun control in the country. They also had more deaths in Chicago in the last 10 years, than the US military deaths in Afghanistan. Yes – more deaths than our military had in Afghanistan — a WAR ZONE.

There’s a lack of outrage for a variety of reasons.  Near the top of the list is that the locals aren’t outraged.  That begs the question…  The answer, from the perspective of me, a Chicago native, is that we, Chicagoans, know that strict gun control laws don’t correlate to fewer gun deaths.  Our city is the best example of that.  We know that the knee-jerk reaction is a reaction for jerks.  (Why do folks want the police to show up when a moron is on a shooting spree? Because cops have guns; no other reason.). Laws help shape the behavior of law-abiders, not law-breakers.

We know that reducing gun violence in our city means reducing the pull of the black market.  It’s a matter of supply and demand.  There are many black market jobs and too few legal jobs.  (An oversimplification, but accurate all the same.)


There are two questions here, one about outrage and one about gun control. 

Presumably, nationwide outrage is reserved for rich, white people, and not poor black or hispanic folks, living in poor neighborhoods

Also the folks in Chicago are mostly shot in gang or drug-related violence or shot by mistake. Gang bangers are not known for precision marksmanship. Americans probably look at dead drug dealers or gang members as not terribly tragic. 

(I think this is selfish, racist and short sighted, as it ignores the idiocy of the war on drugs, the inequalities present in our society that drives many youth to gangs and drug dealing, as well as the fact that some of the dead and wounded were shot by mistake when gunfights started with no warning.)

Finally, the killings in Chicago happen 2, 3, 4 at a time, which makes them less likely to make national news, which is aimed at the news consumer. No prizes for identifying that person’s demographic makeup.

As to the other question, I assume denizens of the Windy City intent on acquiring firearms bring them in from other places, or even other countries.

I have a number of issues with that — but the biggest is why aren’t the people of Chicago completely up in arms (no pun intended) about the situation in their city? If they are – I would love to hear what they are doing. If you know – please feel free to share.

Those comments were from – http://www.quora.com/Gun-Control/Why-are-the-500+-deaths-by-guns-in-Chicago-in-2012-not-causing-an-outrage

Photo From – http://www.flickr.com/photos/swanksalot/239320329/


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