Violent Crimes in US vs UK

I found this on Facebook – if you have conflicting information, feel free to share.

Deaths per 100000 people US and UK

I asked for feedback or conflicting info and there was a comment directing me to this post –

It is a LONG post – but you should take a look. I especially found the distinctions between how the UK and the US describe the various crimes – to be very interesting. You should take a look.


6 thoughts on “Violent Crimes in US vs UK

  1. jericho777 says:

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  2. It can’t get much more conflicting than this. Just jump to the conclusion of you can’t be asked to read the whole thing:

    • I asked for any conflicting information for a reason – to verify IF it was true.

      There was no reason to be rude or to jump to wrong conclusions.

      • Sorry, that came across the wrong way. I didn’t mean to sound patronising or condescending – I find most places on the internet, the article gets a tdlr response “too long, didn’t read” – I shouldn’t have assumed it was the case here also.

        My apologies,

      • I’m used to that mentality too – but I keep reading as long as something keeps my interest 🙂 And, I did pose the question.

        Thank you for the reply 🙂

        I did enjoy the post you shared and especially how differently the two countries describe the various crimes.

      • Thanks, I’m glad you did. In any case, it appears I made a small mistake in the calculation. I added the population if Northern Ireland and Scotland (amounting to some 7 million people) to what should only have constituted the population of England and Wales (the countries where the violent crime figures are taken from) and thus put the UK at an unfair advantage to the US.

        I’ve fixed the figures, as can be seen below. Nothing has really changed, and the US continues to remain more violent, only slightly less in some cases:

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