School Choice Webinar – January 23

“It is selfish and immoral to tell taxpayers where they can send their children to school.”
-Quote from a local Board of Education member in Howard County, Maryland



Do you feel the same way about education in your local district?

We hope you’ll share your findings with us as you write and report on National School ChoiceWeek, a chance for all citizens to engage in conversation on education reform. You can send your education news tips to or post your work on

To get ready for this exciting week, we invite you to a FREE, LIVE Citizen Watchdog Webinar featuring education reform expert Bob Bowdon. Click here to sign up!

Bob will join us on Wednesday, January 23 at 2:00pm ET to discuss the events of School Choice Week (January 27-February 2) and the role citizens can play in helping to fix the problems with our school systems. He’ll also answer your questions live, making this a great opportunity to learn more about education solutions from one of the leading advocates for reform in America.

Now more than ever, we need eyes and ears on the ground to hold local school districts and lawmakers accountable. Our young people deserve an honest assessment of what is right and wrong with education policy in this country.

Sign up now for our free webinar with Bob Bowdon, and make sure to send the link along to any friends who might be interested. We’re looking forward to talking with you on January 23!

For Liberty,

Mary Ellen Beatty
The Citizen Watchdog Team

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Citizen Watchdog is a project of the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity


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