School Shooting in Wyoming

Another school shooting you haven’t heard about – but this shooter didn’t use a gun.. Was it not covered by the media because it doesn’t play into the narrative Obama wants to focus on?

You be the judge —


Very few people heard about the school shooting in gun-filled Wyoming that left three people dead late last year. Stick around, and you’ll find out why.

Here’s what happened:

Chris Krumm, a troubled 25-year-old, traveled from Connecticut to Casper, Wyoming, to settle a score with his father, Jim Krumm, a popular junior college instructor. The motivation for his actions are unclear, but Chris Krumm appeared to be suffering from a mental illness.

On a Friday morning, November 30, Chris Krumm murdered his father’s female companion Heidi Arnold– also an instructor at the college — and left her body in the street. He then drove to Casper College where his father Jim taught computer science in Room 325. Chris Krumm entered the room and — in front of students — shot his father in the head. Jim Krumm heroically wrestled his son to the floor before he died so the students could escape. Chris Krumm, like most of these cowards, committed suicide before police arrived.

It was a horrific incident, and it shook my hometown of Casper and the rest of our sparsely populated state to its core. Although Wyoming has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the U.S., it also has one of the lowest murder rates. The incident was unusual and shocking and heavily covered locally but not nationally. Where were Michael Bloomberg and Bob Costas and Piers Morgan and Barack Obama?

So why, in the tragic shadow of Sandy Hook, haven’t you heard of this school shooting?

Because Chris Krumm killed Heidi Arnold with a knife. He shot his father through the head with a compound bow and arrow at a range of four feet. And he used a knife to end his own miserable existence.

Now you know why you haven’t heard about it.

One thought on “School Shooting in Wyoming

  1. FLPatriot says:

    Evil will strike with whatever weapon it has available. Be it a knife, a gun, a bow, a rock or a pillow… evil will do evil when left unchecked.

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