What Could Have Led to the Sandy Hook Tragedy

Since the tragedy at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticutt, there have been a very wide variety of posts. And there are many factors being “blamed” – a few include:

  • guns
  • divorced parents
  • absent father
  • mother teaching her son to shoot a gun
  • Asperhers Syndrome
  • mental health issues
  • violent movies
  • violent video games
  • and much more

While I agree that some of those factors likely have played some part in the tragedy — there is another factor that is being ignored.

What about the hate and anger we see in so many parts of life? I’m very upset about this tragedy and the impact it has had on so many families – but the vile, angry posts on social media and the horrible comments online are setting a horrible example for anyone, but especially for young people. I look at the things adults say, post, how they talk and treat others — and have to think, is it any wonder young people are lost? Yes – many are “lost”. They have no moral compass, they are not being raised with basic values and common decency – definitely not common.Attitude

When did the parents, aunts, uncles and other adults forget that young people look to us for examples? Heaven help them – but that explains many of the problems young people are having. The entitlement attitude among children, teens and adults is entirely out of control – so if a parent acts in a way that makes it clear to their kids that they are “entitled” – how do you think children will act? This is not to say that all adults and children act this way – but it seems to be more and more all the time.

First – the entitlement attitude – get serious people. You are NOT entitled to anything you didn’t earn and work for. And no one is entitled to respect. Respect is something you earn – or you don’t.

Second – actions have repercussions and every person is ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE for their actions and their decisions. That may be delayed in some cases – but at some point you will be accountable. Adults should also consider that accountability could reveal itself through their children or other children they impact.

Consider this — how will your actions reflect on you? And, how will the actions of the children in your life – reflect on YOU?

Third – anger and hate. In addition to the anger and hate we see around us every day, consider the video games, the TV shows, the movies and on and on – that you and your children are exposed to each day. We become what we think about and what we surround ourselves with – this is even more true for children.

Fourth – mental health. This also ties into the anger and hate. How many people with disabilities or some mental health issues – have you seen teased, harassed, bullied etc? How many of us saw the video of a father and his son mocking a young girl that had disabilities? What goes through the mind of a child or adult that does this sort of thing? I don’t know and I never want to experience a mentality that excuses or encourages a person to act like that. This country needs to find a better way to view and help people with mental health issues.

Fifth – reality TV. Consider the most popular “reality TV” shows. On many of the “reality” shows,  the worst behaved person who is willing to do anything to the contenders, are the most popular and the ones who get the most media exposure. I appreciate competition as much as anyone – making endless hours of TV showing groups of various kinds of people rying to determine who can be the worst?  Are they kidding?

There are plenty of other things I feel are rotten influences on young people and give them a distorted view of life. Throw all these conflicting and negative influences on young people for years – and how can people really expect them to be well adjusted and healthy adults?

That is in no way an excuse for the tragedies we’ve seen – just some things for people to think about. What kind of a difference could we all hope to see if there was more focus on raising responsible and healthy young people….


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