A Perspective on the Sandy Hook Tragedy

I was reading several articles about the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy and saw this interesting comment — he makes great points….. at the time I saw the comment, he had 1300 thumbs up and 59 thumbs down…

Look I’m black, and I am very aware of all the statistics regarding crime from those that look like me. Everyone has a reason, my dad wasn’t around, my mom was on crack, or I live in a bad neighborhood, and you looked at me wrong. Guess what, I don’t care. America has become such pansies until we want to accept all reasons. How about a reason to live right, a reason to respect others. I don’t tolerate excuses from myself, my kids, or the lame excuses I hear from others. I’m certainly not going to listen to this hogwash about some allegedly brilliant kid living in a 4k SQ ft. house in a fantastic neighborhood talk about how miserable his life has been. He was evil, and it would’ve helped if they had given the kid a fricken hair-cut. No way we would’ve given this kid this kind of empathy had he been black, and neither should we. We all have mental challenges, stress, and other concerns. But to blow away little kids, unforgivable, another point, had this been some Arab……please. No this was one of our home grown young American gone bad, just like the gang bangers ruining this country.

What do you think?


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