Rules of Journalism

I watch the news coverage and I watch some of the news shows — and have to wonder, are there any rules to journalism?

I think the problem may be that so many talking heads – portray themselves as journalists or reporters.

  • Where are the journalists that deserve awards?
  • Who should be celebrated because they did something that wasn’t popular, but was necessary?
  • Where are the reporters who are unbiased?
  • Okay, that may be asking too much — how about reporters who don’t openly bash and lie about one side or the other?

Even with the recent tragedy in Newtown Conn, there has been biased reporting and way too much focus on the shooter by some networks. But that’s a topic for another post….

Its been clear for years that much of the media leans to the left, but the outright attacks by some media outlets is unreal.

Maybe we should examine WHY we have freedom of speech? Seems to me that the reason for freedom of speech is in order to expose problems, to protect the innocent and for the greater good, to prevent powerful people from being able to hide the truth, for a few examples.

But – what happens when that freedom of speech is used to spread fear, spread hate and to cover up crimes that are happening?


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